It was a real pleasure getting to work with Bella and being the subject in her photos. She knows a lot about her field. She set up the equipment and guided me through the process easily and comfortably. She has a real passion for photography and of course the final results were very impressive. I enjoyed spending time with her, and hope to do it again sometime soon!  -Anais Mitropoulos

I have had the honour to have Bella as my choice of photographer for every single day BIG event in my life. Bella has been able to shoot everything from prom photos, engagement, pregnancy announcement photos and finally new born photos. I had the chance to recently work with a different photographer and it honestly wasn’t the same. Bella makes you feel comfortable and relaxed! Time flies when you work with bella!!! Bella is the kind of person that will never turn down a “crazy idea” no idea is go crazy for this girl!!! 10/10 would recommend!!! So much love for this girl and her hard earned work!  - Gabriella Monge

"Bella is the most creative person I know. She truly is inspiring as both a photographer and human. I’ve seen Bella work with many different types of customers throughout the months, and seeing the way she creates is a beautiful process. She always makes you feel so good about yourself, and captures emotions through her images. She has taken her time to perfect her craft and has. I could not recommend Bella enough for any type of shoot!" - Katerina Green

Bella, you have the utmost talent of making everyone feel beautiful during your shoots. Your vision is always so clear and I appreciate the time that we’ve Spent together exploring your art.  - Daniel Graham

WOW I’m looking at them now and they look amazing!! It was so FUNN getting the chance to work with you and I hope we can do it again sometime soon. I haven’t shot in awhile so it really meant a lot to me that you made me feel comfortable in my own body and skin, I honestly can’t thank you enough cause the quality is amazing and the angles look STUNNING. Thank you so so much for all your hard work and I can’t express how great it felt to shoot again and feel so confident in front of the camera 😭💞 -Casey Kelly
Bella was so fun to shoot with. My sister hired her to shoot her wedding, Bella and her girls made it such a fun experience. They were so quick to take our bouquets or hold our drinks for us when we needed to set them down. They were open to trying anu crazy ideas we had and helped us to know how to pose as well. Definitely recommend Bella!! - Mckenna Cornfield ​​​​​​​
I’m in tears. Firstly, you captured Maggie and I’s friendship just so incredibly.. I can never get a good photo that shows how much love we have for one another in a best friend sort of way, and you did!! It’s such a heartwarming thing, so thank you.❤️ I adore those photos, and i’m so happy i got to meet you that day, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I don’t know how much you care about any of this, but I just want to genuinely thank you. you helped me turn my life around without even realizing it. We need more people like you on this planet. Thank you so much Bella ❤️ - Kylee Nicole
I had such an amazing experience working with Bella! Being someone who’s never had my photo taken outside of a cellphone- I was nervous to be in a studio shoot but it was all that I hoped it could be! It was fun and easy, Bella has such a talent to direct movements to make even the most amateur-ly photographed person look natural and beautiful! I’m beyond happy with not just the photos taken but the entire experience itself!! - Martina Williamson
My jaw actually dropped. I'm so obsessed with the way our whole shoot went. Everything about the photos is just stunning. I can't stop looking at them. Thank you so much for working your magic again, you really captured a perspective of me that I never see. I feel absolutely gorgeous in them. So excited to do more photos like this again. - Grace Daneluk ​​​​​​​
They are insane Bella. For a really long time I thought I was gonna be the person behind the camera all the time because I didn't think I belonged in front of it, as much as I wanted to be. But now, seeing these photos, I feel like I'm seeing myself like I've always hoped I would and I really can't thank you enough for helping me see it. I'm so excited to work with you more and create more insane art to be proud of! You're absolutely amazing and have such a gift. Thank you for inspiring me and helping me become more creative again. - Taylor Counahan
Loved working with you!! You made me feel so comfortable and the shoot was so much fun. Would definitely do it again :)) - Brownwyn Luders
I never EVER liked having my picture taken. My anxiety was so bad I would always shy away and hide from the camera. But when I was having a shoot with Bella, she made me feel so confident, strong and beautiful. She has such a gift for empowering people and putting them at ease. -Haley Welch
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